Weekly Lena & Doris part 1.1

Weekly Lena & Doris part 1.1

I take pictures of Lena and Doris. A lot of them. I post some of them on my Instagram, at least one every day and sometimes two or even three. Instagram kind of feels like an online public diary to me. There are many more pictures I like of moments I want to remember, but I know I can't post them all on my Instagram account. This is why I'll try something new on my blog, a weekly post about what we did with the girls. This will mainly be for myself, our family and for Lena and Doris to look at when they grow up, but I welcome everyone who's curious to take a little peek into our lives! 

This first post is about a few weeks back, starting at our Easter celebration.

Sunday march 27, Easter celebrations

Every year we celebrate Easter at my parents house in Naarden. We start with a Easter brunch and after that it's time for the Easter egg hunt in their backyard. They have the best backyard for hiding eggs. Lena loved searching for the eggs and to be honest, so did I.. I think Doris had no idea what we were doing, but she liked it anyway.

Monday march 28, Easter monday

Today I had a bit of a parenting fail. We wanted to go to an Easter egg hunt in the Erasmuspark. I know it started at 10.00, but we were a bit slow and we arrived at 10.30. Of course all of the eggs had already been found and Lena was so disappointed. Next we'll be the first there.

To make it up to Lena, we went to one of the favorite places in our neighbourhood, Wilde Westen, for brunch. Lena's favorite part is the indoor swing they have, our favorite part is their great coffee.

After our brunch we had a little Easter Egg hunt on our balcony. Lena loved it and forgot all about the failed easter hunt in the park.

After our busy day, it was time to relax in Lena's bed.

Thursday March 31, Annemieke's picking garden

Today we visited Annemieke's picking garden with my mom and my sister Maartje and her three girls Reza (5), Lou (3) and Dieze (3). My sister moved to Berlin two years ago with her husband and girls. We don't see them often, but when we do Lena loves to play with her three cousins.

This time Lena needed a moment to get used to her cousins. She had a massive tantrum when we first arrived at the picking garden, I think she was a bit nervous. But when she finally calmed down, she was in a great mood. At the picking garden, you're allowed to pick your own tulips in the greenhouse for only 30 cents each, so we all picked a bit bouquet of tulips and the girls picked one each.

Weekly Lena & Doris part 1.2

Weekly Lena & Doris part 1.2

New beginnings

New beginnings